Sanitary Products Related to Our Life

Sanitary products related to our life, common such as sanitary napkins, sanitary pads, tampons, built-in tampon), diapers, diapers, pads, paper), urine pad, wet wipes, sanitary towel, resistant (or) bacteria preparation (except suppository, soap) (indicate the specific dosage form), contact lens care solution, contact lenses preservation solution, contact lens cleaner, paper towel (paper), Sanitary cotton (stick, stick, ball), cosmetic cotton (paper, towel), paper tableware, etc.

How to choose sanitary products?

Look at the purpose of use

Sanitary products: mainly used for cleaning and cleaning. Such as tissue paper, menstrual products, diapers, cotton swabs, cotton balls, paper cups.

Second, look at the health permit number

Choose a product with a sanitary license number.

Third, look at the content of the minimum independent packaging logo

Four look at the instructions

Most of the sanitary products do not need separate instructions, only on the smallest package can be explained, such as paper towels, sanitary napkins, etc., but anti-bacterial agents should be separate instructions.

The instructions of antibacterial agents shall be marked with the following contents:

1. Product name;

2. Specifications and dosage forms;

3. The main effective ingredients and content, and the anti-bacteriostatic agent of plant ingredients should be marked with the Latin name of the main plant;

4. Inhibition or killing of microbial categories;

5. The manufacturer (name, address, telephone number, postal code);

6. Health License Number of the manufacturer (except for imported products);

7. Name of country or region of origin (excluding domestic products);

8. Scope and method of use;

9. Matters needing attention;

10. Implementation standards;

11. Production date and shelf life/Production lot number and expiry date.

Post time: Apr-08-2022