Baby Wipes

Baby wipes
Baby wipes are specially developed for babies. The production standard of baby wipes is much higher than that of adult wipes. Baby’s skin is too delicate and easy to be allergic, so it is best for babies to use special baby wipes. There are different types of baby wipes. Regular wipes are used to clean a baby’s butt, while hand and mouth wipes are used to wipe a baby’s hands and mouth.
Baby wipes generally should not contain irritating ingredients such as alcohol, flavors, preservatives, fluorescent agents, etc.
1. alcohol is generally used to kill bacteria, but alcohol is easy to volatilize, will make the baby’s skin surface moisture loss caused by discomfort.
2. Fragrance is irritating and increases the risk of baby allergies, so baby wipes should not contain fragrance.
3. preservative purpose to prolong the service life of the product, but too much preservative will lead to allergic dermatitis.
4. fluorescent agent should not be used in baby wipes, harmful to the baby’s skin.
So mothers in the choice of baby wipes, but must be careful, pay more attention to the added ingredients on the package of baby wipes, so that the baby’s delicate skin gets better protection.

What kind of wet towel is good for baby
Wet wipes are a necessity in the process of baby maintenance. Children’s skin is tender. In the process of choosing baby wipes, mothers must be careful and careful.
1.look at the composition of wet wipes. If the use of wet wipes contain alcohol, essence and other chemical agents, it will stimulate the baby’s delicate skin, and even cause allergies and other symptoms that make the baby uncomfortable. So when choosing wipes, look to see if they contain alcohol, preservatives and other ingredients.
2.Feel and smell are also important criteria for choosing wet wipes. Different wipes feel different when used. When choosing wipes, mothers should try to choose soft wipes with no special smell. The moist wipes with fragrant air temperature usually add essence and other ingredients, easy to irritate baby’s skin. Odourless, soft wipes are best for your baby.
3.Brand wipes are more guaranteed. Brand wipes are rigorously tested and are more suitable for babies. For example, the water component of wipes, brand wipes often use sterilized pure water, rather than brand wipes, because of the cost, water quality can not be guaranteed.

Shelf life of baby wipes
Because wet wipes are the baby’s necessities, so the general purchase of wet wipes, treasure mothers will be in large quantities of stock, often have treasure mother said, I give the baby a year’s worth of wet wipes. So can wipes really last that long? How long is the shelf life of wet wipes?
The choice of baby wipes will generally choose brands, quality assurance. Branded wipes have a complete disinfection process. However, moistening ingredients will be added to wet wipes, which may affect the normal use of wet wipes due to reasons such as too long time or storage location.
Wipes have a shelf life of one and a half to two years, even three years. But that’s usually when it’s unopened. When choosing wet wipes, pay attention to the sealing of the product. The better the sealing, the longer the disinfection effect, and the longer the shelf life.
After unsealing, attach sealing tape to the wipes each time after use, and place the wipes in a cool place, away from direct sunlight and high temperature. A large package of wipes is usually 80 sores. Pay attention to the storage method of wipes and they will not expire until the stock of baby wipes is used up.
If the wet wipes have been opened and have not been used for a long time, especially if the seal is not stuck, do not use them for babies, because they may have grown bacteria.

Precautions for using baby wipes
Wet wipes can be applied to all aspects, a simple smoke can solve a lot of things, baby wipes widely used to bring a lot of convenience, but all things have pros and cons, in the use of baby wipes should pay attention to what? wipes are made of non-woven fabric, insoluble in water, so after use can not be directly thrown into the toilet, so as not to clog the toilet.
2. in the process of use, if the baby’s skin appears redness, pain and other phenomena, immediately stop using, and timely consult the doctor.
3. try to put it in a higher place, so as not to eat the baby. Keep out of direct sunlight. High temperatures can also damage wipes.
4. after use, please do a good job of sealing, so as not to cause water loss. Apply sealing stickers and keep the wipes moist.
5. in the process of using wet wipes for the baby, pay attention to the wet wipes can not be used to wipe the baby’s eyes and other sensitive parts. Also, try not to let the wet wipes and baby’s mouth contact, prevent the ingredients added to the wet wipes to stimulate the baby’s sensitive eyes and mouth mucosa.
The myth of baby wipes
Children’s delicate skin, hands everywhere is easy to get dirty, and there is no way to clean the dirty parts of the baby when going out, so wet wipes have become daily, especially when going out of the baby’s indispensable supplies. The most gentle way to clean your baby is to wipe it with wet wipes. However, it is important to use wet wipes properly. Improper use of wet wipes can also cause harm to young children. What are the mistakes in our use process
A baby’s skin barrier is not fully developed, so water is lost faster. Wipes have added moisturizing ingredients, so using wipes to help your baby clean will moisturize. But wipes are not a panacea, and some sensitive areas are not suitable for wipes. Avoid sensitive parts such as eyes, ears, and private parts when using baby wipes. These areas can cause bacterial infections.
Wipes are no substitute for hand washing. The use of wet wipes is mainly to clean up some of the stains that ordinary paper towels are not convenient to clean up in outdoor activities. However, the best quality wipes are no substitute for hand washing, and running water is more effective at washing away all kinds of germs, so don’t just try to be quick, wash your hands when you should.

Post time: Apr-08-2022