High quality menstrual cup made of safe materials relia\ble enough

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Advantage of silicone lady menstrual cup:
1.Keep cool and safe.
2.Comfortable, clean and easy to use.
3. 100% medical grade silicone, no BPA or latex.
4. Reusable, eco-friendly and economical.
5. Leak-free protection for up to 10 hours at a time.
6. Long-term use can reduce the risk of gynecological inflammation.
7. Worry-free when travelling, swimming or exercising during menstrual period.

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Item Menstrual Cup
Material 100% Medical silicone
Color Pink,Blue,Purple,White,Black & Customizable
Feature Reusable, soft and safe
Size S 43mm
Size L 46mm
OEM Accept


Break up with the tampon aisle- forever. One this Cup lasts for up to 10 years. That's more than 120 periods and replaces over
3,000 tampons and tons of waste. Save your wallet, and your environment.

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This Cup is impossibly soft and flexible. The proprietary bulb shape makes it the easiest cup to insert and open, ensuring a seal
so comfortable that you forget it's there. It also means you have a consistent leak free and odor free period.

Natural and Safe

100% medical-grade silicone, the Cup is affordable premium period care. Our chemical free formula is naturally hypoallergenic,
non-toxic and BPA and latex free. Unlike tampons it maintains your unique pH and will never dry you out, leave fibrous residue or
cause micro tearing which can increase the risk of infection and TSS.




Wear your Cup for to 12 hours at a time, even while you're sleeping, or running a marathon, or flying to London. No matching your flow to different absorbencies or emergency tampon runs. This little menstrual cup collects as much as 3-4 tampons and never dries you out so you can have a worry free period.

Easy to use

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